Multi purpose storage bag


These storage bags are in my top list purchase from Daiso. They have different sizes custom -made specifically for certain items like comics, magazines, dvds vcds and many more, so that all can be stored neatly. Some comes with a translucent side or top so you can directly see what’s stored.

The number on it’s pack represent type of storage. Yes, it started from 1 to 18 if I’m accurate, so here’s a few I bought. You may check the rest at Daiso.





The best part is you can actually store almost anything as long as the size fit.

Material : Cloth like

Quantity : 1 per pack



Product rating : (5/5)


sew…a needle pulling thread…


With below tools and thread I managed to SEAL a big hole on my husband Jeans pocket. (Yea sewing skill sucks haha!) Ehhhemm! ANYWAY..the highlight is the threads. I bought these colorful ones so I could find nearest tone to match. Really like the idea of having this palate with just Sgd2! Now rest assured I’m totally ready when my other clothes are in need. ^.*/



Product rating : ( 3/5)


Lacy Umbrella food cover


Bring home this lovely lacy umbrella, spread it open on your table! Be it sunny or rainy day, it will definitely give your dining table a dainty look.


A quick pull by the strings to spread it open and a push on the top to close. It’s that easy. Wise item to replace conventional food cover, with this, you can just close it up like you would any umbrella and store in a small drawer. ^.*



Nice isn’t? LOVE this product. Size just nice for small family like mine.

Product Rating : 5/5  DAISO IT

Silk hair turban

20140303_205509 20140328_211036-2   This hair turban has a band at the back, to be pull and secure onto it’s button, at top front part of the turban. This ensures hair wrapped in it nicely. It’s especially useful for those who has long hair.

Very comfortable material and it absorbs water well. Can be use during facial, make-up, hair mask, shower, or to prevent smells onto hair while deep frying in kitchen.

Handwash to clean.

Product rating : (4/5)  DAISO IT

Travelling slippers.


Foldable slippers to bring along whenever you travel. Love this! Bad experience tells me to never wear disposable slippers anymore. A 5 stars hotel in Phuket we stayed in, placed used slippers inside our room, It’s packed nicely and I’m not aware. It gives me itchy feet after.  🙁

This slippers come with a translucent pouch,and a few designs and colours for you to choose from.

Product rating : (4/5) DAISO IT


Deodorizing and drying agent for shoes


Keep your shoes dry and balance humidity with this activated charcoal deodorizer. 2 in a pack, for your leather shoes, heels and sports shoes.

Refer below for different color and patterns. Some size is for heels only.





Product rating : ( 3/5 )

LIFEHACKS / OPTION : Place greentea sachet (needn’t infuse) into shoes, spray some water into the shoes, wrap it tight with a plastic bag then leave it overnight. The sachet will absorb the humidity along with odour and release greentea scent. ^.*

Dust removing adhesive sheet


If you prefer a travel pack dust remover ( to use on small area on garments ) , then take this and leave the stick or roller dust remover at home.


Containing 12 sheets in a pack, it removes dust , pollens and pet hair from your garments.

Product rating : (3/5)

LIFEHACKS / OPTION : Cut out as much you needed from a masking tape. They function the same as any dust remover. (Recommended for small area and only of certain garments, use on own discretion)

Water repellent Apron


Using apron isn’t my practice to be honest, I’m lazy. 😛 The idea of soaking and washing apron is enough to put me off.

It’s a different case now with this water resistant apron. This type of material prevent fabric from wetting out. Hardly a stain on it! I only need to give it a quick rinse after every use, or wipe it with antibacterial wet tissue.

IMM branch holds more than 10 different designs for this Apron. Oh yah, it also comes with kid’ size. Cute! Bought one to keep until my girl is ready to be my sous-chef.

Product Rating : ( 5/5 ) DAISO IT