Grease away with orange oil!


Clean those grease in your microwave with cleanser made from natural ingredient, Orange oil.

20140303_184832There’s a sponge and orange oil sachet included in a pack. Pour the orange oil onto sponge. By heating up the liquidised sponge using microwave, and let cool a little, you are then ready to clean the inside and out of the microwave.

Photo below shows some precautions you should take before using the product. It shouldn’t be use for other purpose.



Product Rating : (2/5)


Microwavable Grilling pan



Want to have your pan fry egg dish quick and easy? Grill fish and meat in minutes? These microwavable grilling pans might be what you are looking for.

They could take up to 220°C , and with some caution notes in this photo below you’ll be assured it’s safe to use. Do not use it on direct fire. Size is good for small meals.



Product Rating : (3/5)


“Push & seal” lids





Food to keep as leftovers or you have marinade meat to place in fridge? This is an easy to use lid,making sure your food sealed, stay fresh and prevent it from cross contamination.

It fits onto round bowls or containers which diameter measured up to 12cm. Just place it on top of bowl or container, then press the centre and it’s sealed.

You may use this in microwave oven and refrigerator. (Not recommended for use in freezer)

Product Rating : ( 4/5) DAISO IT