Microwavable Grilling pan



Want to have your pan fry egg dish quick and easy? Grill fish and meat in minutes? These microwavable grilling pans might be what you are looking for.

They could take up to 220°C , and with some caution notes in this photo below you’ll be assured it’s safe to use. Do not use it on direct fire. Size is good for small meals.



Product Rating : (3/5)


Decorate food with silicone pen



Love art on your food? Make your kid’s bento look fun to eat, with some decoration using this silicone pen. You may fill in liquid, paste, cream, sauces of their favorite flavor, then start pressing and twirl out the desired pattern and shapes!

It doesn’t just stop there, if baking is your “thing”, then make this your tool to color the plate, decorate muffins and write special message on a cake for your loved ones.









Product Rating : (3/5) DAISO IT

Vegetable Peeler


This is not what you would like to have in kitchen, it isn’t practical.

You may peel carrots (not baby carrots), cucumber, gourds, etc (slim long thin type of vege). Anything wider wouldn’t fit into.

Talk about the hassle of cutting off the peeled portion in order to continue peeling remaining parts.. Y-peeler is still the best!

It might help if what you need is small bits of shredded vege for your salad.

I say save your Sgd2 and skip this product.

Product rating : (1/5) DAISO NOT

Carving knife


For mama who has kid’s lunch box or bento to prepare everyday, this carving knife will be a good helper.

The pen form makes it an easy to hold carving knife. Usable ONLY on soft cooked food. (NO raw carrot)

You can also enjoy pretty carved fruits with guests at home like this simple ones i did in photo below.


Product rating : ( 3/5 )

Length : 14.7 cm with cap for the blade