Silk hair turban

20140303_205509 20140328_211036-2   This hair turban has a band at the back, to be pull and secure onto it’s button, at top front part of the turban. This ensures hair wrapped in it nicely. It’s especially useful for those who has long hair.

Very comfortable material and it absorbs water well. Can be use during facial, make-up, hair mask, shower, or to prevent smells onto hair while deep frying in kitchen.

Handwash to clean.

Product rating : (4/5)  DAISO IT

Fluffy microfibre hair turban


This fluffy microfibre hair turban is soft to the touch, vibrant in colour, the only available colour in Rivervale mall branch. It is wide enough to hold up my short bangs, not too tight and quite comfortable. The downside is, it’s fibre keeps falling off! I used it only a few times. Obviously picking up it’s fibre isn’t something I enjoy doing. 😛

Product rating :   ( 1/5 ) DAISO NOT