Grease away with orange oil!


Clean those grease in your microwave with cleanser made from natural ingredient, Orange oil.

20140303_184832There’s a sponge and orange oil sachet included in a pack. Pour the orange oil onto sponge. By heating up the liquidised sponge using microwave, and let cool a little, you are then ready to clean the inside and out of the microwave.

Photo below shows some precautions you should take before using the product. It shouldn’t be use for other purpose.



Product Rating : (2/5)


Laminate without machine?


Laminate photos, certs, recipes, newspaper cut-out WITHOUT the laminating machine? It’s a definite CAN DO with this laminate coating film from Daiso.

There are 4 sizes on the rack. A5, A4 ,B5 and B6. The bigger the size , the lesser quantity it has in a pack.

The photo above is a magazine cut-out, and below photos shows how easy it is to laminate. A ruler and film coat is all you need!


Slowly strip the plastic layer



Place the cut-out / photo in between the film and plastic, with the back of the cutout or photo, facing up.



Carefully close the plastic onto the film and as you close it, push out air using a ruler.



There you have it, lamination the cheap way.. 😛 For a nice and neat outcome, you may trim it’s side, just remember to leave at least 2cm each. This product is located under Daiso “electronic” section.

Product rating : (5/5) DAISO IT