Facial puff made from 100% natural cotton



Material : 100% cotton, non-woven sheet

Quantity : 2 boxes of 90 pcs each for Sgd 2

This cotton puff quality is quite good it doesn’t leave lint. It’s soft and smooth too. Ideal for daily use to apply toner.

You may also use this as :

1. Cold compress ( soak in greentea and chill before use)

2. Eyelift (add in serum)

3. Makeup remover (wet with water and squeeze in cleansing milk)

4. Gentle exfoliator (add in exfoliator onto cotton)



Product rating : (4/5)

Multi-purpose disposable Gloves


You can rest all your dirty task to this disposable gloves made from common plastic without “hurting” your delicate hands. From house cleaning to kitchen works, applying hair mask, and even during handling certain chemicals duties.

Polyethylene contains properties that are excellent chemical resistance, also resistant to gentle oxidants and reducing agents.

A box of 100 pairs goes a long way!

Product rating : 4/5  DAISO IT

Silk hair turban

20140303_205509 20140328_211036-2   This hair turban has a band at the back, to be pull and secure onto it’s button, at top front part of the turban. This ensures hair wrapped in it nicely. It’s especially useful for those who has long hair.

Very comfortable material and it absorbs water well. Can be use during facial, make-up, hair mask, shower, or to prevent smells onto hair while deep frying in kitchen.

Handwash to clean.

Product rating : (4/5)  DAISO IT

Mesh bath bag


Bring along this girlish pink bag to the pool! Bag in all your mini toiletries , bottles and facial care. Mesh allows stuff inside bag to dry easily after a nice warm bath.

I have this hanging inside bathroom, use it to hold my facial sponges, loofah and hair turban.

Size       :    cm x cm

Handle’ length :

Colours :

Product rating : ( 4/5 ) DAISO IT