Kids toys mesh holder (3 stage)


Mesh holders with 3 layers from Daiso, meant to hold only light weight items. When I said light weight, I meant really really light. That’s because the strap snap off after only 1 day of hanging it up.

I have only a few small squeaky toys on the first layer and some soft plush toys in the second. A definite DAISO NOT item.


Product rating : (0/5) DAISO NOT


Soft holder (microwave use)


When I first saw this product I told myself, “Great! No more putting on gloves… taking it off.. and hang it back in place”.. yes, I am that lazy. 😛 ACTUALLY, I prefer to move around in the kitchen fast… Who doesn’t? ^.*


It comes with a suction cup for you to attach onto side of microwave or any even surfaces. Again, another space efficient item. Of course what important is how useful this product is.

I tested using this with a variety of plates, bowls, and even cup noodle etc just to feel the grip. The result is, only flat, low plates or pans work well with it.

And… Most times, the rubber is in contact with food because of it’s length. Yucks.

The window size of microwave oven makes this designated position of fingers grip, isn’t easy to adjust in getting dish at same time avoid scald.

So for now, I will stick with gloves.

If you’d still like to own this, there are a few things you need to note. Refer below photo


Product rating : ( 1 / 5 ) DAISO NOT

All Poles to the wall!

adhesive/catchpole  adhesive3

This is so worth my S$2 !

Broom and mop leaning against the bathroom wall? Brushes laying on the floor collecting grime? Lazy to frequently wash small buckets or racks that holds your brushes? Why not solve all above and dry them clean after their “hardwork”, with this adhesive pole catcher?

I like this a lot, got at least 5 of these for my home use. The adhesive is quite strong too, It is still there sticking onto my wall, tile and side of rack since 2 months ago. Definitely capable in holding slightly more than suggested max weight (500gm).

It’s also stretchable to fit a maximum diameter of 3cm.


Note: It doesn’t hold wet mop though, just hang dry your wet mop someplace else before attaching it back, other than that, this is a very good catcher to organize and keep “sticks” clean and dry ALL TIME.  ( as shown in above photo )

Product Rating :   ( 5/5 ) DAISO IT

So worth my S$2 !