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Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m truly excited to finally have this site published. To furnish you a little,  this informative blog is mainly detailed with Daiso’s product reviews. Allow me to firstly make it clear to you, Daiso didn’t pay me nor sponsor their items for me to write. I WISH! All items here were purchased by my own money. (my husband’ to be actual 😛 ) So, you can be rest assured reviews here are genuine!

“Why this idea, S$2 is SMALL money!”

“Good question. But it adds up, YES?”

In my case, I treasure every dollar earned and most important is, I care deeply how much I can save. That’s the reason why i frequent Daiso. They too, have innovative and interesting products which help me to work around daily tasks more efficiently, sometimes, with style. 🙂

However, many times, i find myself ended up either buying stuff i don’t need, or the quality is not even worth the S$2 ( of course here i don’t mean top notch quality like you can get from Robinsons ) but I’m sure you could relate if you shopped in Daiso too.

In Singapore we are so blessed with options to buy cheap and affordable daily needs. We have provision and value shop in each neighborhood. The thing to shout out for is these shops actually do have some items which are similar to those nicely arranged on Daiso’ shelves, AND…. it COSTS LESS! (find out more of this under section Provision vs Daiso)

Some items arouse your curiosity, you’d like to try but there are no explanation or tags in english, I’ll try best to include such items in this blog as much possible. I do agree, assistance in Daiso’s shop isn’t a pleasurable experience. Once in blue moon I’m lucky to get a friendly one. ( I don’t blame them, I’m not inside LV boutique 😛 )

Now, come to optimizing the usage of certain items by applying some tricks, you may check this out under the section “life hacks” which some are genuinely mine, some are gathered from the wisdoms of others.

Back to the pros of this site.. talk about the space to stroll and shop inside Daiso, how I wish I have a “must buy”, “don’t buy”, “fun to try” and “can still buy if you don’t mind wasting money” kinda list to help me spend less time repetitively saying “excuse me” to the crowd!

Last but not least, I’m not a girl who loves dolling up, so you’ll rarely see cosmetic products here, and I assume you ladies would trust your face more with branded stuff out there. *.^ Well of course you are at most welcome to share your view if you have been using some fantastic cosmetic products or other products from Daiso. Email me or leave a comment.

I hope information in this site will give you much convenience and improves organization in your home. Happy smart shopping! 😀


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