Multi-purpose disposable Gloves


You can rest all your dirty task to this disposable gloves made from common plastic without “hurting” your delicate hands. From house cleaning to kitchen works, applying hair mask, and even during handling certain chemicals duties.

Polyethylene contains properties that are excellent chemical resistance, also resistant to gentle oxidants and reducing agents.

A box of 100 pairs goes a long way!

Product rating : 4/5  DAISO IT

Lacy Umbrella food cover


Bring home this lovely lacy umbrella, spread it open on your table! Be it sunny or rainy day, it will definitely give your dining table a dainty look.


A quick pull by the strings to spread it open and a push on the top to close. It’s that easy. Wise item to replace conventional food cover, with this, you can just close it up like you would any umbrella and store in a small drawer. ^.*



Nice isn’t? LOVE this product. Size just nice for small family like mine.

Product Rating : 5/5  DAISO IT