Decorate food with silicone pen



Love art on your food? Make your kid’s bento look fun to eat, with some decoration using this silicone pen. You may fill in liquid, paste, cream, sauces of their favorite flavor, then start pressing and twirl out the desired pattern and shapes!

It doesn’t just stop there, if baking is your “thing”, then make this your tool to color the plate, decorate muffins and write special message on a cake for your loved ones.









Product Rating : (3/5) DAISO IT

Silk hair turban

20140303_205509 20140328_211036-2   This hair turban has a band at the back, to be pull and secure onto it’s button, at top front part of the turban. This ensures hair wrapped in it nicely. It’s especially useful for those who has long hair.

Very comfortable material and it absorbs water well. Can be use during facial, make-up, hair mask, shower, or to prevent smells onto hair while deep frying in kitchen.

Handwash to clean.

Product rating : (4/5)  DAISO IT

Used Oil Solidifier


We all know fried food taste REALLY good, but the frying process and disposing the used oil isn’t easy..

Pouring used oil into the sink would cause serious blockage to the sewage system and eventually a big hole in your wallet.

This smart product from Daiso helps to solidify used oil before disposal,with just few simple steps.

It comes in a box of 5 sachets. Each could solidify 600ml of oil. Photos below illustrate how you can use this product.

20140318_125038I have about 200ml used oil to test on this product. A fork to stir and a pack of the solidifier.

20140318_125117Pour in the solidifier into hot oil (at least 80°C) for the product to melt and work its magic. ^.* (you can do this after you are done frying, make sure to cool down the oil a while before pouring in solidifier). In my case here I used only 1/3 since my used oil isn’t much.

20140318_134608Stir well and leave it for at least 5 mins (the more amount of oil the longer it takes)

20140318_134636You shall see this as end result and its ready for disposal.

Product Rating : 5/5   DAISO IT


Lingerie laundry net


As said, there are some items which are better off purchased from provision and value shop in singapore instead of Daiso. This item in above photo was bought from “Value” shop, cost only Sgd 1.05 each, YES! you heard me right… is as good as buy 1 free 1 with your Sgd2. But what about the quality? Let’s take a look..


The item at left is from daiso, and the right is from Value shop. (There is only one brasserie inserted into each net for comparison.) Looking at the photo, it obviously tells how strong and light the value shop plastic net is. Even though it’s zipper not as smooth, is still alright to me, I don’t rush during my chores. ^.*

So for this product,  “DAISO NOT”



Tips: How to keep your clothes looking good

1) Before putting in your clothes for a wash, make sure to zip the zippers and the buttons are buttoned.

2) Use laundry net. If you do not have one, you may use pillowcase to protect small items from wear and tear. Do tie up the pillowcase after inserting in lingerie , socks or etc.

3) Turn your clothes inside out before washing them to prevent fading.

4) Condition your clothes. Like how much we like to apply conditioner on our hair for a smooth touch, clothes need some conditioning too. This is when fabric softerner comes in place.


Travelling slippers.


Foldable slippers to bring along whenever you travel. Love this! Bad experience tells me to never wear disposable slippers anymore. A 5 stars hotel in Phuket we stayed in, placed used slippers inside our room, It’s packed nicely and I’m not aware. It gives me itchy feet after.  🙁

This slippers come with a translucent pouch,and a few designs and colours for you to choose from.

Product rating : (4/5) DAISO IT


Laminate without machine?


Laminate photos, certs, recipes, newspaper cut-out WITHOUT the laminating machine? It’s a definite CAN DO with this laminate coating film from Daiso.

There are 4 sizes on the rack. A5, A4 ,B5 and B6. The bigger the size , the lesser quantity it has in a pack.

The photo above is a magazine cut-out, and below photos shows how easy it is to laminate. A ruler and film coat is all you need!


Slowly strip the plastic layer



Place the cut-out / photo in between the film and plastic, with the back of the cutout or photo, facing up.



Carefully close the plastic onto the film and as you close it, push out air using a ruler.



There you have it, lamination the cheap way.. 😛 For a nice and neat outcome, you may trim it’s side, just remember to leave at least 2cm each. This product is located under Daiso “electronic” section.

Product rating : (5/5) DAISO IT