Deodorizing and drying agent for shoes


Keep your shoes dry and balance humidity with this activated charcoal deodorizer. 2 in a pack, for your leather shoes, heels and sports shoes.

Refer below for different color and patterns. Some size is for heels only.





Product rating : ( 3/5 )

LIFEHACKS / OPTION : Place greentea sachet (needn’t infuse) into shoes, spray some water into the shoes, wrap it tight with a plastic bag then leave it overnight. The sachet will absorb the humidity along with odour and release greentea scent. ^.*

Kitchen racks


Place this rack on top of microwave oven or on even surfaces to create more space and storage in the kitchen.

It comes in small, medium and large size. Even though the pack doesn’t state a maximum weight, it’s advisable to not place too many items especially heavy ones onto the rack, it’s legs gets wobbly.

You may also add in some plastic baskets along with these racks to organize your kitchen cabinets, play with the cabinet heights and make use the space. Like how I did,

Sgd 10 for these 5 items to organize a cabinet. (3 baskets and 2 racks)




2014-01-20 23.42.57


2014-01-20 23.43.54

With daiso, it’s affordable. ^.*

Product rating: ( 3/5) DAISO IT

“Push & seal” lids





Food to keep as leftovers or you have marinade meat to place in fridge? This is an easy to use lid,making sure your food sealed, stay fresh and prevent it from cross contamination.

It fits onto round bowls or containers which diameter measured up to 12cm. Just place it on top of bowl or container, then press the centre and it’s sealed.

You may use this in microwave oven and refrigerator. (Not recommended for use in freezer)

Product Rating : ( 4/5) DAISO IT

Vegetable Peeler


This is not what you would like to have in kitchen, it isn’t practical.

You may peel carrots (not baby carrots), cucumber, gourds, etc (slim long thin type of vege). Anything wider wouldn’t fit into.

Talk about the hassle of cutting off the peeled portion in order to continue peeling remaining parts.. Y-peeler is still the best!

It might help if what you need is small bits of shredded vege for your salad.

I say save your Sgd2 and skip this product.

Product rating : (1/5) DAISO NOT

V-shape brush


Let this V-shape brush helps you effectively clean stains and grime under the rim of toilet bowl. You may want to have 2 of these, with another one to scrub areas which are difficult to reach, such as under the water tap on vanity top.

It’s light, has an easy to grip handle. The bristles are of stiff material, doesn’t comes off easily.

Product rating : ( 5/5) DAISO IT

LIFEHACKS / OPTION : A used toothbrush work wonders too when you need to reach in to clean some areas which are difficult be done by brushes. Just remember to distinguish it from your current toothbrush!  ^.*

Dust removing adhesive sheet


If you prefer a travel pack dust remover ( to use on small area on garments ) , then take this and leave the stick or roller dust remover at home.


Containing 12 sheets in a pack, it removes dust , pollens and pet hair from your garments.

Product rating : (3/5)

LIFEHACKS / OPTION : Cut out as much you needed from a masking tape. They function the same as any dust remover. (Recommended for small area and only of certain garments, use on own discretion)

Sponge cakes to clean your plates!


“You cannot have your cake and eat it too” that’s what the proverb says, and it’s true! ^.^

These sponge cakes look appetizing but it’s not edible! They  work to wash your dishes. 😛

I found these in Rivervale mall branch. These yummilicious looking cakes sweeten up my kitchen sink. The boring routine was enliven! 😛

Product rating : ( 3 / 5 )

Carving knife


For mama who has kid’s lunch box or bento to prepare everyday, this carving knife will be a good helper.

The pen form makes it an easy to hold carving knife. Usable ONLY on soft cooked food. (NO raw carrot)

You can also enjoy pretty carved fruits with guests at home like this simple ones i did in photo below.


Product rating : ( 3/5 )

Length : 14.7 cm with cap for the blade

Soft holder (microwave use)


When I first saw this product I told myself, “Great! No more putting on gloves… taking it off.. and hang it back in place”.. yes, I am that lazy. 😛 ACTUALLY, I prefer to move around in the kitchen fast… Who doesn’t? ^.*


It comes with a suction cup for you to attach onto side of microwave or any even surfaces. Again, another space efficient item. Of course what important is how useful this product is.

I tested using this with a variety of plates, bowls, and even cup noodle etc just to feel the grip. The result is, only flat, low plates or pans work well with it.

And… Most times, the rubber is in contact with food because of it’s length. Yucks.

The window size of microwave oven makes this designated position of fingers grip, isn’t easy to adjust in getting dish at same time avoid scald.

So for now, I will stick with gloves.

If you’d still like to own this, there are a few things you need to note. Refer below photo


Product rating : ( 1 / 5 ) DAISO NOT

Water repellent Apron


Using apron isn’t my practice to be honest, I’m lazy. 😛 The idea of soaking and washing apron is enough to put me off.

It’s a different case now with this water resistant apron. This type of material prevent fabric from wetting out. Hardly a stain on it! I only need to give it a quick rinse after every use, or wipe it with antibacterial wet tissue.

IMM branch holds more than 10 different designs for this Apron. Oh yah, it also comes with kid’ size. Cute! Bought one to keep until my girl is ready to be my sous-chef.

Product Rating : ( 5/5 ) DAISO IT